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Played at Locals Only , performed and recorded Neil Youngs "Needle and the damage done", My song " Hit the Bong" , and Cracker's hit "feeling low". Got to perform first which is always great since i can than hang out drink beer and watch all the other bands ( all of which were great like always )
The recording is o.k.
I recorded it on my Cassette deck and will flip it over to MP3 for download from the Luvis Vault here in a day or 2.
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stardate Feb 15 2006
 played last night for the first time downtown
 at the Slippery Noodle for the
    " battle of the jammers "
myself and some some others awesome bluesmen played "Red House" by Hendrix and Mary Had a Little Lamb by SRV .
lots of fun had by all and pics will be posted soon